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Voodoo Face Shield

During the beginning of the Corona pandemic in 2020 when protection gear like face shields were in high demand and short supply, I used my "voodoo" 3D-printing technique I also used for the Garberobe to help out.

Prusa Research published models for a face shield that became the de facto standard with many compatible variants from the community. It took about 3 hours to print but there were several slim versions with reduced print times. With a 1 mm nozzle and 0.5 mm layer height and in one go without travelling I could print in 18 minutes what others printed in 1½ hours.

I printed about 500 of my Voodoo Face Shields and donated them all to makervsvirus who took care of distribution. The clip at the bottom is also my design. It is much simpler than the Prusa version and prints in 6 minutes instead of 30.